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What are the top choices that looks awesome in engineered timber flooring?


Flooring is highly essential and necessary for every place either it can be commercial or domestic. Engineered timber flooring is one of the best wood flooring types, that has some of the most advantageous factors that include colors, designs along with the finishing options. So, its highly essential for every user to know what are the factors that they need to consider while picking the engineered flooring.



Australian Timber Floor Importer is one of the best flooring providers who offer the best timber floor specials. They are offering a wide range of choices, of which engineered flooring is the most picked option that comes in various colors along with the designs. Let's look out the necessities that need to be considered when choosing engineered flooring for their space.


  1. Types of wood 

Selection of wood plays a key role, and there are a wide range of options available in engineered timber flooring. The popular ones among them are Oak, Maple, Sapele, Teak and Ash. This type of wood species available in various attractive colors too.


       2.   Texture

Texture is another important factor that plays a key role in the selection of the engineered wood flooring. In order to get the natural look, the timber flooring need to be of mechanical brushing. However, both brushed or non-brushed options work well with this type of flooring. One of the best ideas is to choose the contrasting textures along with the mix-and-match patterns to give an awesome look to the home.


      3.    Finishing


Finishing is the last work, but is the most important factor without which the timber flooring does not look good. The popular choices of surface finishing are Satin, Matt Lacquer, Brushed, smoked and strained. Each of them add their own charm to flooring.


The above mentioned are the top most factors that need to be considered when you consider to pick engineered timber flooring option to your place.